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Back from the Dead

Two months ago my second-hand 360 RRoD’d on me.  I couldn’t send it to M$ for a fix cause I’ve already voided my warranty (which I don’t have anyway) by installing a new DVD drive.  So, thanks to Llamma I was able to ressurrect my machine just in time for all of the new LIVE updates.  Mon and I are going to disappear in a Netflix hole for a few days.  Bai!  Oh, and many thanks to #GBConfab for the support during the very difficult, trying procedure.

another quick note?

Ok, these aren’t really questions.  I just do that in order to enable tumblr’s feedback option.  I want to take a quick moment to layout what I’ve got going on in the near future:

At the end of July I’m taking part in a group show with some friends at the Bancroft Gallery here in town.  Mid-August I start teaching at the Metro and UNO and then sometime near December I’ll have a show here.  That show will be similar in material, not execution, to my show here.  Not a ton of stuff, but enough.  Oh, Mon and I are also planning on attending PAX in Seattle, but more on that later.

And I’m cooking up some new pieces.  I’ve already started on the framework for my next installation.  I’ll be my first real collaboration.