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The Death of the Player

/*a modified version of Roland Barthes seminal “The Death of the Author” essay. (; modified to fit the game criticism context by find/replacing select terms*/

/*original idea by James Schirmer (@betajames) and Cameron Kunzleman (@ckunzelman)*/
/*EDIT:changed “words” to “mechanics” per the request of Roger Travis @rogertravis*/

GameLoop Boston 2012

*(the above is not actually my talk. It was the “Philosophy in Games” discussion, presided by Darius Kazemi (middle))

Last Saturday, August 18th, I went to Boston to participate in my first unconference, or rather, “invite-only, improvised collection of conversations”. Run over here and read the Wikipedia page. It sums up the concept nicely.

I proposed and gave a talk about “Art Games from a Fine Arts Perspective”. The terrible title aside, more people showed interest than I thought possible and we had a great conversation. My inability to recall exactly what we talked about is probably a cause for concern, but thankfully my friend, James, took on the burden of “Conference Minutes-Keeper” and kept a detailed record of everything said. You can read is summary of my panel and the others he attended here.

On Apophenia and Beauty

I’ve been having a really interesting conversation with some friends lately about OOO, meaning, Latour’s ANT & Zizek.

The video above is notable because even though the audience is laughing, this is an extremely serious bit of apophenia happening. Reggie’s bit is ostensibly comedy, but his routine is aimed at the absurd. People are laughing because at some level they know this. They know that Reggie is breaking down all of the structures that propel them forward in their lives.

He’s doing it in such a gentle and entertaining way that I’m sure for a large majority of them the point is lost.

Either way, I highly recommend watching this with Youtube’s “audio-transcript” captions on.