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another quick note?

Ok, these aren’t really questions.  I just do that in order to enable tumblr’s feedback option.  I want to take a quick moment to layout what I’ve got going on in the near future:

At the end of July I’m taking part in a group show with some friends at the Bancroft Gallery here in town.  Mid-August I start teaching at the Metro and UNO and then sometime near December I’ll have a show here.  That show will be similar in material, not execution, to my show here.  Not a ton of stuff, but enough.  Oh, Mon and I are also planning on attending PAX in Seattle, but more on that later.

And I’m cooking up some new pieces.  I’ve already started on the framework for my next installation.  I’ll be my first real collaboration.

things to say?

In one of my many fits of casting about for just the right internets identity, I’ve made THIS is lew of THAT, because THAT was just ugly and awkward.  THIS is different than THOSE because THOSE are just for projects, etc.  THIS is for thoughts.

my first thought?  atm, I’m just going to play some vidja-games.  I just finished my MFA, I’m a bit tired and looking to recharge.