Learning to Glitch from Butterflies and Bone Cancer

A design for the Berlin Museum of Natural Science based off of the metamorphosis of a butterfly. The research for this design was done by a group now studying how bone cancer warps and transforms the body.

“It’s about learning from how the structure of the human body can accommodate such fast-growing, extensive changes – and what that could mean for buildings inspired by imperfection”



All of the projects I attempted in 2014.

Screen Shot 2015-01-14 at 10.17.31 AMIt struck me this morning that it’s 2015 now. If you know me, this kind of delayed-response won’t come as a surprise.

Well, I guess now it’s time to put last year to rest by taking stock or something. The image above is a shot of my “2014” projects folder. Some of these became full-blow exhibitions, many of these are small experiments that may or may not pan out. Some of these are making the move to my “2015” project folder.

I’ve been organizing my projects in annual folders for about eight years. It’s the closest I get to a journal or diary.  Often, if I’m stuck or just not feeling particularly inspired I’ll look back through past years and something will catch my eye. I’ve found it invaluable as a measure of where I was at the time and as a springboard for where I’m going next.