Maschinen Krieger Models

I really love the organic-mechanical designs of these MaK models.

maschinen krieger 3

Found here

Grosserhund by Flickr user Mark Stevens

Grosserhund by Flickr user Mark Stevens

Series 06 PKA Melusine Winter toy

From the Maschinen Krieger Collection by Hobby Base. Includes six figures, Type A, C, D, F, G and H.
Photo by Flickr user Neil Blevins:


The Machine to Be Another

A powerful use of the Oculus Rift to enable people to feel (somewhat) what it’s like to be another person. The only limitation, and I’m not entirely convinced that is a limitation, is the need to choreograph movements. The symmetrical movement helps to reinforce proprioception, the internal sense of your body in space and the hinge for the whole project, but it feels.. a bit artificial.