The Death of the Player

/*a modified version of Roland Barthes seminal “The Death of the Author” essay. (; modified to fit the game criticism context by find/replacing select terms*/

/*original idea by James Schirmer (@betajames) and Cameron Kunzleman (@ckunzelman)*/
/*EDIT:changed “words” to “mechanics” per the request of Roger Travis @rogertravis*/

Flaming Landscape

Came across this image on a random tumblr. It’s concept art from this game.

I’ve always found scale-model landscapes to be fascinating. As a kid I built elaborate wargaming terrain, but never actually played games on them. I just like the sensation of looking down on a landscape from high above.

It makes me tingle.

Coded Buildings

from via

The X-code is a marking left by the Urban Search and Rescue teams, coordinated by FEMA. It was first developed after the 1985 Mexico earthquake, when many people died in later building collapses, trying to rescue people who were already trapped. As each building is searched for survivors, it is marked first with a slash, and then when the search is finished, an X. Then, the quadrants of the X are marked with a code to define who made the search, when, and what they might have found. —