On Apophenia and Beauty

I’ve been having a really interesting conversation with some friends lately about OOO, meaning, Latour’s ANT & Zizek.

The video above is notable because even though the audience is laughing, this is an extremely serious bit of apophenia happening. Reggie’s bit is ostensibly comedy, but his routine is aimed at the absurd. People are laughing because at some level they know this. They know that Reggie is breaking down all of the structures that propel them forward in their lives.

He’s doing it in such a gentle and entertaining way that I’m sure for a large majority of them the point is lost.

Either way, I highly recommend watching this with Youtube’s “audio-transcript” captions on.

Phototropia, self-sufficient architectural vision

Phototropia is part of an ongoing series on the application of smart materials in an architectural context and was realized in April 2012 by the Master of Advanced Studies class at the Chair for CAAD. The project combines self-made electro-active polymers, screen-printed electroluminescent displays, eco-friendly bioplastics and thin-film dye-sensitized solar cells into an autonomous installation that produces its required energy from sunlight and – when charged – responds to user presence through moving and illuminating elements.

WIP ~ no title yet

Here’s a little look at something I’m working on for a friend. This is my first attempt at using Blender to build and render still compositions. I’ve been treating my Blender workflow in much the same way as my collage workflow. I gather likely free, Creative Commons, models from around the webz, tweak them, pose them and arrange them to fit my needs. It’s really no different than the paper collages I use to make. Only the tools have changed.