In Arms’ Way

Billed as an “anti-co-op” shooter. Player 1 controls the legs while Player 2 controls arms. The conceit is that Player 1 is trying to keep Player 2 from shooting any one. Made for Molyjam 2012 Montréal and based off this tweet from the Peter Molyneux parody account:

“FPS where your arms are controled by a psychopath who keeps firing guns at innocent people. You must turn away from them and run.”


from nerdcore:

The May Day demonstration takes a very unusual turn in Seattle. Phoenix Jones, Midnight Jack and El Caballero were out to protect buildings and citizens during the march. This is the uncut footage from the events outside the federal building on 6th ave in downtown Seattle captured from Phoenix Jones chest camera. Phoenix Jones did not paper spray any protesters, demonstrators or people.