“We Shall Not Meet Again”

The Baldur’s Gate II: Shadows of Amn user-created mod called “Dungeon-Be-Gone” allows you to skip the first dungeon of that game. The description on the page reads:

This MOD is rather silly, and also skips all the story elements and such just to get you to the end faster. This is aimed for those who have played the game so many times that Irenicus’ dungeon has become more painful than a root canal, and less interesting than a Valygar coffee mug. If silliness and/or ‘cheating’ offends you, then looks like you’ll just be wresting long bows from goblins for a while.

I have gone through this dungeon many, many times, and it has never become painful or uninteresting. Instead, it has become practiced, familiar, like a canyon.

In the following video, I play through the dungeon, talk about the dungeon, talk about myself, talk about Baldur’s Gate II, just talk. I am meeting the let’s play halfway. I am showing the marks this game has made in me; I’m playing the game, but my memory proves that it has been playing me.

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